Visual Elements and Photographic Composition

We have been learning a lot of new photography terms this week!

Describe what leading lines can do for a photograph.

What is an example of pattern?

Think of an example of a photograph that shows movement.

Thats all for now. Keep up the great work!

Mrs. La Porte

7 thoughts on “Visual Elements and Photographic Composition

  1. Leading lines point out the main subject in the picture.
    One example of pattern is the picture with the fence.
    Another example of movement is the picture with the rain coming down on the boy’s face.

  2. leading lines make something stand out in the photo…..pattern is the same thing repeating its self….rain drops falling in the water can show movement

  3. Leadinq Lines Makes Everythinq Stand Out in The Photo ..
    An Example Of Pattern is The Tile on The Floor ..
    A Photoqraph that Shows Movement is Rain

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